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Why Choose A LHBA Member?

The question remains the same, whether you're a consumer, thinking of building your dream home or a builder providing homes for families in your community. The answer is the same, and it's as simple as one word..."QUALITY."

The LHBA "Builder" made the commitment to an organization that stresses "Quality in Home Building"... An organization that accepts only builders who meet the criteria set in place by the local and national organizations. An organization that sets a standard that all members must live up to.

The LHBA "Associate Member" made the same commitment... "Quality in Home Building." They made the commitment to provide the consumer only the best in products and services. They works closely with the builder to be certain that the customer ends up with a home everyone will be proud of.

By joining the LHBA, Builders and Associate Members have taken steps to insure they will stay abreast of industry issues. They made a commitment to use quality products. They recognize the need to give something back to the community where they live and do business. By joining the LHBA they made a commitment to quality.

If you are a consumer, ask yourself if you really want to do business with a builder who wont make the commitment. Ask yourself if you can be sure you will receive the service you deserve from a supplier who hasn't made the commitment.

If you're a builder or supplier, ask yourself if you meet the qualifications to belong to the LHBA. Make it your goal to acquire the skills and the background to belong, then contact us. We'll work for you when you're ready for us.



Home Improvement Contractor Law - effective July 1, 2009.
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The Pennsylvania Builders Insurance Program (PBIP) makes it easy for building industry employers to provide high-quality health insurance and other employee benefits with special pricing and local representation.

With the Pennsylvania Builders Insurance Program your business has many choices available. Contact the Builders Hotline at 1-888-333-7526 or your local agent/broker to pick the plan that best fits your business needs. PBIP representatives are available to help you. More information can also be found at

Reduce Workers' Comp Costs

PBA Benefits At A Glance

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